Paper Yarn


100% Manila Hemp paper yarn. 


Made from Ecuador's finest Manila Hemp, this eco-friendly paper yarn is very light and strong, firmer than linen while remaining comfortably smooth to the touch. The fibre provides good ventilation and a good insulator in the summer and winter. Appropriate for blending with other fibres and is easy to dye. 


Made by OJO in Japan. Currently available in four thicknesses of 1/4 Nm, 1/6 Nm, 1/14.5 Nm. 'Royal' being the tightest twist, then 100 twists per metre and 85 twists per metre. The widest is the 'Wrinkled' which when folded out flat is approximately 15mm wide. 50g cone - 200m (1/4), 300m (1/6), 725m (1/14.5).


Helpful Hints:

Washable (expect to soften slightly).


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