Yak Hair

100% Yak Hair & Yak Hair / Wool Mix.

Yak hair feels similar to cashmere and camel, depending on the age of the animal, fibre from the soft undercoat ranges from 15 to 20 microns in diameter and is up to 50mm long. The guard hairs are longer and coarser, usually spun to make rope or hardy fabrics. The softer undercoat is converted into luxurious yarn to make garments and accessories, often blended with other fibres to reduce cost.

Spun in Italy. 100% Yak Hair is 2/12 Nm and on 250g cones = 1500metres. 70% Yak Hair & 30% Wool is 2/14 Nm on 500g cones = 3500metres.

Helpful Hints:

Hand wash or use a low wool wash.


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